Mixed Use Property Loan

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If you own such a property or are considering owning one, you will want to read this. Not many people realize that it is possible to get access to a fully amortized 30-year loan from FHA on a mixed use property. However, this loan is not for everyone, and here is why: You must be an owner-occupier of the property to be eligible for the loan.

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What is a Mixed-use Property? Mixed-use properties include both a residential portion and a commercial portion within the same structure. There are many types of mixed-use buildings, the most common are: Large apartment building with ground floor retail and office space. Storefront with an apartment-style residential area on the second and third floor. Single-family property with a dedicated office or professional space contained within.

Some frequently asked questions related to mixed-use property loans include: What is a mixed-use loan? A mixed-use loan is a type of commercial real estate loan for a commercial property that encompasses two or more zoned purposes. For example, a building that houses both residential uses and retail shops is considered a mixed-use property.

FHA Loans For Mixed-Use Property There are FHA mortgages available to purchase mixed-use property as long as that property meets the right FHA criteria; it must be primarily residential in nature, and non-residential use of the home must not overwhelm the property.

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Types of Mixed-Use Property Loans If a mixed-use property has 2 commercial / industrial uses, lenders will only give commercial loans against it. That means that the interest rate will be a bit higher than if one of the uses were residential and, often, that the appraisal required will be a commercial and, therefore, more expensive and, more importantly, the LTV will be lower.

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